We recommend using a micro sd least class 10 with speed readings above 40 MB / s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you be able to play exclusive New3DS?

A: Yes, SKY3DS+ can play any New3DS exclusive games.

Q: sky3ds support all 3DS games? You can work on this flashcart new 3DS?

A: Yes, you can play all the games 3DS, and supporting the New 3DS console.

Q: Can this flashcart 3ds play online game? eg: pokemon and make a trade or marvel battle with people online.

A: Yes, paper Sky3DS+ 3DS can play online game as he did a real gamepad, can also save, load, edit, etc ....

Q: you need something special to do before using SKY3DS+?

A: They do not need to do anything special, just drag and drop the downloaded ROM in MicroSD card from Disktool we provided, and enjoy.

Q: sky3ds have emunand? Also there will be a region of release? So I can play on my 3DS EU from Japan or the United States?

A: No, you do not need any emunand at all, can support any version of the 3DS also the new version V9.4.0-21. Why is the region of the block as a real gamepad, you can not play games JP States or on the console 3DS EU.

Q: save your work on games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon X and Y, also does this allow tricks and homebrew?

A: Yes, you can save, load, edit in any 3DS game as he did a real gamepad. Sorry, no tricks, no homebrew at the time.

Q: It also works with roms .nds?

A: No, to use the roms .nds have to use a classic r4 always on sale at our store.

Q: Inserting the SKY Plus 3DS in my nintendo see flashing of the LED flash cards of different colors, how come? 

A: The micro sd is not compatible, we recommend a Samsung type or class 10 Sandisk.

Q: Inserting the SKY Plus in my nintendo 3DS see the flashing green LED, but without displaying nothing, why?
A: If you are using more than 32GB micro sd format must follow THIS guide, or contact us.