- The costs related to the return shipment or replacement product shall be borne by the buyer.

- The timing of replenishment of products is 4-5 business days (1 week)

Accepted Payment Terms:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

- The methods and shipping costs are as follows:

  • UPS International (all countries outside Italy): 14,90 Euro

All products are shipped from Italy with tracking number , ship even further in the following countries : Germany , France , Spain , United Kingdom , Ireland , Denmark , Belgium , Portugal , Austria , Switzerland,Hungary ,Malta and more.. ( For shipments to other countries please contact us first )

Shipments are made Monday through Friday and the day after the order.

In the case of cosmetic or functional defect of any product sold on sky-3ds.org site, the buyer agrees to immediately contact the customer via email support to report the issue by attaching due invoice, even if overdue 14 days expected law . Otherwise SKY 3DS Italy reserves the right not to deliver the required replacement or repair of the product in question.

- If paying by bank transfer, if after 5 working days there will not be credited, the order will be automatically deleted.

- In the case of orders including Microsd, SKY3DS Italy reserves the right in case of non-availability of the product to replace it with one of same features.

- If the product or products are damaged or defective at the first use, you have 14 days time to report the problem and request a replacement or products purchased or full refund, enclosing the required proof of purchase.

- If the end user should be misused and not follow the advice given for the correct use so voluntarily going to damage the product, the refund will be issued.

-In Case of replacement, the new product will be shipped with Priority Mail, if you want a traceable method to pay the shipping cost to SKY 3DS Italy.

- Legal Notices :

The devices allow r4 un'avvio alternative of game consoles in which they are installed. This r4 does not remove any copyright protection but allows the use of lawful within their consoles. The use of a r4 on a console allows to read format games free flash and allows the use of emulators of old consoles on the market, allows the use of storage systems type micro sd much more 'convenient than the official, allows the reading of the own backup copy of the game legally held (ref. Art. 71-sexies, para. 4, l. 633/41 of the Italian Law on copyright) law even more 'enhanced by the fact that you pay on every blank media a charge known as the FAIR COMPENSATION order to exercise this right (ref. art. 39 of d.lgs.9 April 2003, n. 68).

- Disclaimer:

SKY 3DS Italia offers for sale this device informing the user that the predominant purpose of its use is solely in order to expand the functionality of the device mulimediali. For example displaying of homebrew software, photos, ebooks, videos of which you possess the copyright or you possess the original copy of the same. We disclaim all responsibility for illegal use of this device

- Returns :

If the Return or replace defective product, you must first open the ticket to make in your personal area, going into the detail of your order, after the operator has accepted the request you, print the RMA form and follow the instructions above finally add in the same pack and ship.

The staff.